Wifi Scanner Mac破解版 WiFi扫描工具 v3.1(1017)


WiFi Scanner Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款优秀的WiFi扫描工具,能够帮助你检测wifi的速度,能够让你知道有谁在使用自己的wifi。显示接入点名称(如果由网络管理员配置),显示连接到每个接入点的设备数量和信道利用率,是否启用等等。帮助你更好的管理wifi网络。

WiFi Scanner Mac破解软件功能介绍

在工作和家中没网是件很烦恼的事情,不如让WiFi Scanner for Mac破解软件来帮你吧!优乐事分享的WiFi Scanner Mac破解版是一款无线网络扫描工具,WiFi Scanner破解版下载可以监测周围的WIFI,对WIFI进行发现和定位,同时可以判断信号的发出地和强弱等等,功能非常强大!

WiFi Scanner Mac破解软件功能特色

2.4 GHz和5 GHz通道图可让您查看影响网络性能的重叠和过分的信号干扰。IP扫描程序会搜索连接到网络的设备。过度拥挤的网络可能会导致带宽和速度问题。
导出信息和 HTML文件


Whether you are a professional looking for advanced technical information, a homeowner with a new WiFi setup or a student gathering information for a school project, WiFi Scanner is great to have handy. With WiFi Scanner you can scan and monitor signals in the air and see what wireless networks are around. Then run speed tests on any wireless network and view detailed information about its signal levels, channel width, encryption type, noise level and much more!
WiFi Scanner features a clean, intuitive interface and user experience.
WiFi Scanner is very fast it is lightweight and easy for anyone to set up quickly.
Simple, fast wireless network discovery of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax access points. WiFi Scanner is great for determining the best position for an access point at home or in the office. After selecting the best position, the optimal channel to use can be determined by selecting the least used channel resulting in improved WiFi speeds.
Key Features
▪ Simple, fast wireless network discovery of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax access points.
▪ Connect to detected networks using join button
▪ Full support for both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks
▪ Support for all channel bandwidths (20, 40, 80, and 160 MHz)
▪ Display detailed wireless network parameters: network name (SSID), signal level (RSSI), MAC address (BSSID), signal quality, channel, maximum data rate, encryption, etc.
▪ Display changes in signal level over time in graphical form.
▪ Filter list of detected wireless networks by specified parameters (SSID/network name, channel, channel band, signal strength)
▪ Display wireless connection statistics in the form of graphs and tables.
▪ Give each access point a custom label
▪ Export results to comma separated value (CSV) files
▪ Generate summary reports in HTML format
WiFi Speed Testing
▪ Upload and download WiFi speed testing
▪ Use speed testing feature to troubleshoot WiFi networks
▪ Auto run speed test when client roams to different access point
▪ Auto repeat speed test with wait time between tests
“Who’s On My Network” (IP Scanner)
▪ Fast IP scanner that detects unknown devices connected to your WiFi network.
▪ Detects hostnames, determines the MAC address, and in some cases can auto-detect device type (phone, laptop, router, etc).
▪ Configured icon for discovered devices is saved for future scans.
▪ Scanning results can be saved to CSV file via menu export option.
▪ Great for finding WiFi “Piggybackers”.
Advanced Features (supported by some access points)
▪ Display access point name if configured by network administrator
▪ Display number of devices connected to each access point
▪ Display channel utilization
▪ Display if 802.11r is enabled and type
▪ Display if WiFi protection mechanisms are enabled

What’s new

Version 3.1:
– bug fixes