TinkerTool System 8 Mac破解版 系统设置维护工具 v8.86(Build 230925)


TinkerTool System Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款系统设置维护工具,可帮助您在Apple Macintosh计算机上执行高级管理任务。该应用程序使用自适应用户界面,自动适应计算机型号和您运行的macOS版本。若您是一位电脑专业人士,那这款软件再适合您不过啦!在当前情况下可用的所有选项都可以通过“窗格”访问,与“系统首选项”应用程序中已知的技术非常相似。

TinkerTool System for Mac破解软件功能介绍

优乐事分享的TinkerTool System破解软件可以帮助您清理您的Mac电脑,删除系统垃圾文件、缓存文件和无用文件,从而释放更多的存储空间。

TinkerTool System破解版非常易于使用,它的界面简洁、直观,让您可以轻松地找到所需的工具和功能。同时,它还提供了详细的帮助文档,让您可以更好地了解和使用该软件

总而言之,优乐事分享的TinkerTool System破解软件是一款非常实用的Mac系统优化和维护工具,可以帮助您提高系统性能、清理系统垃圾和优化系统设置。如果您需要保持Mac电脑的性能和稳定性,TinkerTool System破解版将是一个不错的选择。

TinkerTool System for Mac破解软件功能特色

• macOS的内置维护功能,通常在图形用户界面上不可见
• 扩展的文件操作,在macOS Finder中不可用
• 可以访问“系统偏好设置”中不可见的高级系统设置
• 网络实用程序的替代品,该实用程序是您从先前版本的macOS升级到macOS 11后丢失的应用程序
• TinkerTool系统的真实和独特功能,旨在解决管理员在现实世界中遇到的典型问题,并修复操作系统中某些缺陷(“错误”)的影响
• 在图形用户界面无法正常启动或系统管理员的用户帐户已损坏的情况下,用于对macOS进行故障排除和修复的紧急工具(注意:Apple不允许在装有Apple Silicon的Mac上启动紧急工具)
• 功能收集有关硬件,操作系统和应用程序的高级信息。
与免费提供的姊妹程序TinkerTool一起 ,优乐事分享的TinkerTool System破解软件可以完美替代以下类型的系统实用程序:
• Finder增强器
• 字体缓存清理器
• 用于创建可引导系统安装程序和恢复磁盘的脚本
• 用于访问隐藏的偏好设置的工具
• 使对象在Finder中不可见的应用程序
• 日志文件浏览器
• 应用程序卸载程序
• 拼写检查器词典编辑器
• 还有很多其它


Version 8.86(Build 230925):

  • Added full support for macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • Added new options to reset the privacy settings for Location Services, Motion & Fitness (macOS 14 or later only), and Passkeys Access for Web Browsers.
  • Added new features for software developers when performing a security check on a single application that is not planned to be distributed through the App Store: It can be validated whether an application is ready either to be submitted to Apple’s notary service, or to be executed on customer computers. This feature is only available for macOS 14 or later.
  • Users can now also go back to the overview menu of a pane with subitems by clicking onto the pane in the sidebar.
  • Due to architectural changes in recent Macintosh models and macOS versions, the feature to disable System Integrity Protection by mouse click via the emergency utility (ttsfrm) had to be removed.
  • Fixed a problem where the current status of System Integrity Protection may not have been shown correctly on Macs with Apple Silicon.



TinkerTool System is a set of system utility functions that help you perform advanced administrative tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. The application uses a self-adaptive user interface that automatically adapts to the computer model and version of macOS you are using. All the options available in the current situation are accessed through “panes”, much like the methods you already know from the System Preferences app. The functions are controlled through a single window, which allows you to use the application as a general tool and first aid assistant.
This includes
• built-in macOS maintenance features usually invisible in the GUI
• advanced file operations not available in macOS Finder
• the ability to access advanced system settings that are not displayed in System Settings
• A replacement for Network Utility, an app that was lost when upgrading to macOS 11 from a previous version of macOS
• Genuine and unique features of the TinkerTool system, designed to solve typical real-world problems for administrators and eliminate the consequences of certain defects. (“errors”) in the operating system,
• Emergency tool for troubleshooting and recovering macOS in cases where the GUI no longer launches correctly or the system administrator account has become corrupted (note: running the emergency tool is not allowed by Apple for Macs with Apple Silicon). 
• Functions for collecting advanced information about hardware, operating system and applications.
Together with its sister program TinkerTool, which is available for free, TinkerTool System is an ideal replacement for the following types of system utilities
• Search improvements
• Font cache cleaners
• Scripts for creating a bootable system installer and recovery disks
• Tools to access hidden preference settings
• Applications for making objects invisible in the Finder
• Log file browsers
• Application uninstallers
• Dictionary editors for spell checking
• and many others.

TinkerTool System Mac破解软件历史版

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