不能打开软件“Swift Publisher”,并提示【“XXX”已损坏,无法打开。您应该将它移到废纸篓。】 ,那就来点猛料,按下面的操作设置:

sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/Swift\ Publisher\ 5.app

如果您是“Ventura系统(macOS 13.0)或是 Sonoma系统(macOS 14.0)”,若按上面的操作,依旧提示“已损坏,无法打开。 你应该将它移到废纸篓。”,需要进行右键点击“Swift Publisher”操作“打开”
Swift Publisher Mac破解版优乐事详细描述的截图


Swift Publisher Mac破解版软件优乐事搜集到的Mac os系统上一款帮助用户快速编辑版面的Mac办公软件,Swift Publisher for Mac用于高水准的媒体设计:简单操作——对于平面设计初学者也不例外。使用Swift Publisher的创造性工具设计折页、宣传册、时事通讯和画册。

Swift Publisher for Mac破解软件功能介绍

Swift Publisher是适用于Mac的页面布局和桌面排版应用程序。该软件提供创建令人印象深刻和专业外观的文档所需的一切,如传单,小册子,目录册,杂志,小册子,通讯,日历,海报,菜单,卡片,Facebook和Twitter封面等等。

Swift Publisher for Mac破解软件功能特色

3、可嵌入Mac OS X Tiger Core影像滤波。


Version 5.6.9:

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.



Swift Publisher is a Mac publishing program that is beginner-friendly while delivering professional results. The application will help you in creating holiday cards, self-publishing books or magazines, and creating your own brochures.
With an intuitive interface, a great library of themes and images, and an extensive set of design tools, you’ll have everything you need to create your work exactly the way you want it. In addition, the application allows you to publish to the network or send files for printing with the click of your fingers. You don’t need to master the entire creative arsenal: with Swift Publisher everything is so easy that you won’t even believe it.
Design tools
With a simple, uncluttered interface, you get everything you need to create an attractive layout. You can outline individual pages, spreads, and even master pages for later use. You don’t have to worry about details like page order – the program handles them and also supports you with grids and smart guides.
Word processing
There’s nothing worse than a beautiful piece of text being ruined or cluttered with formatting errors. Swift Publisher supports all types of text organization, from multi-column spreads to header images. The text can easily take up several pages, surrounding pictures and other inserts.
Design tools
You may be surprised by the graphic effects created. The app allows you to apply gradients, draw shapes freehand, control the transparency of different elements of your layout, and that’s not all. In addition, when publishing photos or illustrations, you can use the built-in graphic editor, thanks to which all elements will look their best.
Graphics library
Want to add a little visual flair? All you need is the extensive graphics library in Swift Publisher. With over 2,000 clip art elements and 100 image masks, you’re sure to find what you need. Plus, the app supports over 300 pre-made templates that you can customize until they give you the desired effect.
Professional printing and distribution
The benefits of the app don’t stop at the layout creation. No publishing program would be complete without making the publishing process easier. Swift Publisher does this well, supporting export to a variety of digital formats, allowing you to customize bleeds for professional printing, and making sharing accessible in a few clicks. You can even arrange the text in waves, which compensates for the lack of fonts and does not spoil the impression for your readers.

Swift Publisher Mac破解软件历史版

版本 下载 备用 密码
5.6.8(v4792) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay
5.6.7(v4791) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay
5.6.6(v4789) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay
5.6.5(v4788) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay
5.6.4(v4784) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay
5.6.3(v4781) 立即下载 其它下载地址 ssay





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