SponsorBlock Mac YouTube广告移除Safari扩展工具破解版 v5.1.4(34)


SponsorBlock for YouTube Mac软件破解版是知您网搜集到的一款Safari扩展工具,可让您跳过赞助商、介绍、结尾、订阅提醒和YouTube视频的其他烦人部分。

SponsorBlock for Mac软件破解功能介绍

使用此扩展程序,您将自动跳过 YouTube 赞助商。


Version 5.1.4:
Fix wrong css property name
Change next keybind button for better compatibility
Fix preview bar on mobile
Add export to unsubmitted segments
Hide import button when no video found
Add notice about chapters for free users
Only hide chapter name suggestions when focus lost
Fix chapter chevron sometimes not appearing
Default to chapters tab if no normal segments
Tidy/simplify popup (thanks @AlecRust)
Fix custom chapter bar sometimes sticking around
Fix chapter suggestions disappearing on click
Swap preview and inspect
Add option to disable segment names beside timestamp in video player
Add tooltip to skip segment button
Fix popup voting buttons disappearing (thanks @FlorianZahn)
Fix popup horizontal scroll issues on new layouts (thanks @mchangrh)
Improve start/end segment button text (thanks @AlecRust)
Fix import button missing when no segments
Swap back inspect and preview
Fix lock color (thanks @mchangrh )
Fix embeds
Fix buttons on YouTube clips (thanks @mchangrh )
Fix spamming requests sometimes
Make sure chapters are invalid if regex fails
Run chapters clear when preview bar cleared
Count skips for chapters when viewed
Clear vote buttons when clearing preview bar
Fix zero start time breaking imports
Fix chapter icon with ytp big mode
Reimport chapters if they are found to have changed
update buttons when single time segment is edited
Set endtime by default for outro
Remove the unsubmittedSegments entry when removing the last segment by @mini-bomba
don’t append skip button for full video labels by @caneleex
Update popup on segment updates by @mini-bomba
React 18 by @mchangrh
Add class for other extensions when displaying non chapter title
Enable chapters if not enabled after redeem successful
Fix key moments importing as chapters
Fix progress bar with 0px chapters
Add error when trying to submit while server is failing
Improved segment still loading error message
Disable virtual time in Firefox again
Show import segments button even when segments aren’t fetched
Import chapters as chooseACategory if chapters is disabled
Open submission menu after importing
Support importing short category names
Fix scrubbing bar missing when chapter bar using % widths


“SponsorBlock for YouTube” Mac破解软件镜像包下载完后,首先将软件“SponsorBlock” 拖至Mac应用程序完成安装;

如何启用“SponsorBlock for YouTube” Mac破解软件
2、从Mac应用程序中打开“SponsorBlock for YouTube” Mac破解软件
3、从“Safari浏览器”点击“偏好设置” – “扩展”,勾选“SponsorBlock for YouTube” Mac破解软件

4、“偏好设置”,对“Safari浏览器” 扩展插件“SponsorBlock for YouTube”进行设置

至此,就可以完美使用“SponsorBlock for YouTube” 扩展插件