SoundSource Mac 多媒体音频控制器破解版 v5.5.6


SoundSource Mac软件破解版由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款多媒体音频控制器破解版,可以将音频输入输出设备快速切换及调整工具,可以帮助我们直接通过菜单栏来设置音频输入及输出设备,并设置音效等。

SoundSource for Mac软件破解功能介绍

SoundSource Mac版可以直接从菜单栏调整您的音频输入,输出和音效设备和音量设置。启用输入设备的软播放到所需的输出,以便您可以听到通过任何麦克风或其他来源传入的声音。 使用SoundSource您可以快速访问Mac的最重要的音频设置。
– 即时音频设备切换
. 只需两次点击,您可以切换您的Mac使用的音频设备的输入,输出,甚至声音效果。
– 快速音量控制
. SoundSource还可以轻松访问音频设备的音量控制。
– 音频播放
. SoundSource的Play-Thru窗口可以方便地监视来自任何输入设备的音频。

Version 5.5.6:
New “Background Sound” Special Source
On MacOS 13 (Ventura), the new “Background Sound” special source makes it possible to adjust audio from this new feature, which can be found in Ventura’s “Accessibility” System Settings.

Improvements in ACE 11.9.1
The ACE audio capture engine has been updated with several small bug fixes for improved performance.

A meter channel mapping issue which could trigger a coreaudiod crash has been resolved.

Several different crashes have been fixed.

If the “Check for Test Releases” hidden preference is enabled, checks will now run regardless of the status of the “Software Update” preference/setting.

On MacOS 13 (Ventura) and up, SoundSource’s “Preferences” window is now called “Settings”, to match the new MacOS convention. As well, the “System” menu, found in the Options (Gear) menu, now has a renamed “Open Sound Settings” option.



若安装后打开”SoundSource” Mac软件破解,弹出以下图,说明要调整“系统安全策略,点我直达设置方法

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