Soulver Mac 多功能计算器破解版 v3.6.1(320)


Soulver Mac软件破解版由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款多功能计算器,能帮助您快速计算,并在弹指之间得到计算结果,使用Soulver进行简便计算方法计算,在数字嬉戏,轻松解决日常问题。

Soulver for Mac软件破解功能特色

– 整合文字编辑功能的快速计算器
– 用文字注记让你的计算简单易懂。
– 计算百分比。 (“$120 – 10%”, “30 as a % of 200”)
– 看见计算的行列总数
– 单位换算 (“10 USD in Euros, “22 feet in meters”)
– 股票换算 (“100 AAPL”)
– 使用代码引用特定行列算式
– 自定变量快速取用常用数值
– 符合精确数学计算功能
– 支援二进位、十六进位计算
– 在iPhone和iPad上的Soulver App同步使用你的算式
– 输出成PDF和HTML文件

Version 3.6.1:
# iCloud Sync
– iCloud is now the default location for sheetbooks in new installations of Soulver
– Global variables, custom units & additional places also sync via iCloud to other Macs
– Move an existing sheetbook into iCloud using the General preference pane
– If an existing sheetbook is already stored in iCloud, you will be offered the option of merging the sheetbook from your Mac with it
# Performance
– 25%+ increase in overall calculation performance thanks to some additional optimizations in the math engine
# Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where variable value peeking was not working with global variables
– Fixed an issue with inaccurate rates in global variables defined in currencies other than USD (thanks Johanna)
– Fixed an issue where numbers with the form “09:05:03 P.M.” were being recognised as laptimes rather than timestamps
– Fixed an issue that caused a crash in some rare cases