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SideNotes Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款mac侧边栏笔记应用。它显示和隐藏在显示器的侧面,可以通过鼠标滑动到屏幕边缘呼出SideNotes破解版,通过这种交互方式管理创建笔记将不会分散您的注意力,可以使笔记井井有条,大大提高您的工作效率
SideNotes for Mac破解软件功能介绍
优乐事提供的SideNotes Mac破解版使您在搜索便笺时不必与windows进行杂耍。应用程序总是显示在其他窗口的顶部-您可以轻松地隐藏它,或通过单击或使用键盘快捷键将其从显示器的侧面拉出。你甚至可以只用键盘来处理笔记。万事俱备,你依然有容身之处。
SideNotes for Mac破解软件功能特色


Version 1.4.13:
– Improvements and bug fixes


SideNotes for Mac is a sidebar that fills one side of your Mac screen with notes. Text, code or images – SideNotes can handle it all, allowing you to keep important data at your fingertips. For convenience, move notes into custom folders, assign colors, and add checkboxes to tasks. This is a general shelf for everything that really matters.
Key SideNotes Features
Notes that don’t distract you
A blog post, a snippet of code, or a recently downloaded picture can all be stored on your desktop thanks to SideNotes. The best thing about this is that you won’t even notice they’re there! The app behaves like an overlay menu, drawing your attention to notes only when you need them.
Dynamic Display Options
Remember that the application will not distract you. That’s why you’ll have to choose when and on which side of the screen he should appear. Open Preferences and select one of two desktop locations – Left or Right. You can also choose how to hide/show SideNotes using keyboard shortcuts or clicks.
Interface supporting code
SideNotes supports monospace fonts for code. Same width for every character – you don’t have to switch anywhere to convert your fonts. Copy the code snippet and paste it into the SideNotes window as you work. To better organize your code notes, you can use a specific color.
Markdown formatting support
When creating a new note, you can select the desired mode – code, plain text or standard (markdown). The latter opens up a variety of formatting options, such as adding headings or converting text into a quote. Everything you paste is formatted and styled properly by default.
List of your tasks – done
With SideNotes at your fingertips, you’ll be able to accomplish more tasks than ever before. And here’s the next feature you need – creating and managing task lists inside your notes. By clicking the format text button, you can add boxes to check off on your to-do list.
Share your notes
SideNotes will keep your notes private unless you want to share them with the world. The application supports different distribution options, namely Messages, Reminders, Notes and Dropshare. And you can always add more. Just click on the “Share” button in the top left corner of your note.

SideNotes Mac破解软件历史版

版本 下载 密码
1.4.12(235) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.11(231) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.10(219) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.8(211) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.7(188) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.6(183) 立即下载 ssay
1.4.5(179) 立即下载 ssay





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