Noir Mac Safari暗模式添加插件破解版 v2022.2.2(159)


Noir (Noir Dark Mode for Safari) Mac软件破解版由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一个Safari扩展程序,它会自动为您访问的每个网站添加暗模式。它使晚上浏览网页变得更好。使用Noir,您将不会再被明亮的网站蒙蔽双眼。

Noir for Mac软件破解功能介绍

Noir根据页面上使用的颜色为您访问的每个网站生成自定义深色样式。您甚至不会注意到背景中发生的这种情况 – 这就是它的速度 – 但您肯定会欣赏最终结果:为每个网站量身定制的美丽黑暗模式,其中保留了对比度并且仍然突出显示。

Noir可自动与您在Safari中访问的任何网站配合使用。默认情况下,Noir与您设备的黑暗模式相关联,因此网站只会在您需要时才会变暗。但是您可以根据自己的喜好轻松自定义它,即使是每个网站。只想在几个特定网站上使用 Noir?确定的事!在某些网站上禁用 Noir?没问题!



Noir for Mac软件破解功能特色

• 发现Noir 的黑暗模式看起来不合适的网站?通过举报让我知道。该应用程序将经常更新以解决报告的问题。
• Noir扩展需要访问您访问的网站以分析页面的现有样式并用Noir的深色样式覆盖它。
• Noir从不收集您的浏览数据。Noir “收集”的唯一数据是您的设置,这些数据永远不会离开您的设备。
• 您可以在阅读 Noi 的完整隐私政策

Version 2022.2.2(159):
Hi there! This update of Noir adds a set of great new features that make Noir more customizable than ever before!
# Custom Themes
You can now create your very own custom themes and tweak these exactly to your liking. You can change the background and text colors, and also set image dimming and (new in this update!) image grayscaling per theme.
After you have created the perfect theme, it’s really easy to share this theme with other users of Noir. Just send them the special link and when they open it on their device, they can import your theme and start using it immediately!
Not the creative type? Don’t worry, Noir now also comes with a library of over 20 pre-made themes that you can now add with just a single tap.

# Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
You can now tweak which specific key combinations are used for Noir’s keyboard shortcuts. And that’s not all, because there are also many new keyboard shortcuts that you can set up, including ones for switching Noir’s theme and disabling Noir until tomorrow.
# Website Fixes & Improvements
As always, this update also includes many fixes and improvements based on your reports. Thank you so much for sending these in and helping me improve Noir!

Update 2022.2.1 includes some fixes to themes in the Theme Library, and improvements to the onboarding process for new users.

Update 2022.2.2 fixes some more issues that were introduced in the previous version, and includes additional website fixes as well.

This update was directly inspired by your input and feedback, so thank you so much! I hope you like the new features.

If you like Noir, please consider leaving a review of Noir in the App Store! That really does help a lot!