Kaleidoscope Mac 文件和图像对比工具破解版 v3.7(2084)


Kaleidoscope Mac软件破解版由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款很强大的文件和图像对比工具,支持任何文本文件和 jpeg、tiff、png、psd 等格式的图像文件,同时和git、svn等版本控制工具能够完美的结合。

Kaleidoscope for Mac软件破解功能介绍


Kaleidoscope for Mac软件破解功能特色

– Subversion,Git,Mercurial,Bazaar和Perforce支持
– 用作功能齐全的差异或合并工具
– 越来越多的GUI源代码管理应用程序提供了支持
– 三种强大的显示模式
– 线和字符级别更改的超快速差异
– 使用颜色编码来发现添加,删除和更改的文本
– 检查代码更改并解决冲突
– 智能自动合并正确的内容
– 用于查找大型文件夹中差异的超快速算法
– 排序并筛选最重要的内容
– 深入研究文件夹以进行更详细的比较
– 跨源复制首选文件
– 并排比较,堆叠或分割图像
– 通过高对比度“差异蒙版”发现细微的像素差异
– 美丽,现代的用户界面,让您在Mac上有宾至如归的感觉
– 全屏模式,专注于您的内容
– 在视网膜显示器上看起来很漂亮,并且与高分辨率图形完美配合

Version 3.7:

  • Sharing You can now share any text diff using the familiar and convenient Share button in the window toolbar. Choose from functionality provided by macOS to directly share via AirDrop, Mail, Messages, or open a comparison in Notes. You can also choose to share via Share Menu extensions provided by the other apps you use. Kaleidoscope converts your diff into a HTML document in those cases.
  • Save a Patch File. Kaleidoscope now has the ability to write a text diff to a standard patch file, which is also accessible via the Share button.
  • There’s now a preference setting to disable JSON normalization by default, if the functionality doesn’t suit your workflow. When disabled, you can still enable it when needed from the bottom toolbar.
  • Kaleidoscope now enables you to modify a comparison that contains normalized JSON, after confirming this is what you want. It also offers to switch to the non-normalized variant.
  • The File Shelf offers an option to save temporary content (such as imported from the Clipboard, ksdiff, Services or Shortcuts) to a file.


  • The Find functionality is now also available for single documents (such as added or removed files in a changeset).
  • The processing icon in the bottom toolbar (JSON normalization) is more prominent when turned on.
  • The backspace character is now also being treated as invisible character, and shown accordingly.
  • The JSON normalization will no longer quote slash (/) characters. We were surprised ourselves that it is defined with a quoted slash in the JSON standard.


  • Various fixes to the Find functionality
  • When installing a license via double-clicking a license file, a potential Trial Expired dialog will now correctly disappear.
  • Moving a window between screens no longer results in occasional unintended size changes.
  • Several fixes to the Open Recent menu. You may need to get rid of corrupted old entries by cleaning it once after installation.