EverWeb Mac 网页设计软件破解版 v3.9.6(2795)


EverWeb Mac软件破解版由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款网页设计软件,您能想像吗——通过EverWeb,一系列的拖拽操作即可创建一个专业的网站!不管是公司项目,还是出于个人爱好,你都可以完全地自由地设计一个完美的网站。

EverWeb for Mac软件破解版功能介绍

EverWeb还支持创建的具有漂亮界面移动网页,同时还能更多强大的控件:下拉菜单、社交媒体融合、内置 SEO 等等。EverWeb也同时提供一键网页发布解决方案,或者你也可以发布给你的网站服务提供商。

EverWeb for Mac软件破解功能特色

从EverWeb中将搜索引擎优化(SEO)元素添加到您的网站。不需要第三方应用程序。不要忘记观看我们的免费SEO For EverWeb视频课程。

Version 3.9:

  • Social media OG tags now work properly for Blog posts including the title, image and image dimension tags. They will use the image assigned as the post image
  • Right click -> Follow link now works for shapes with a link and navigation bar
  • Right clicking on any shape or text now has an “Edit Link” option which quickly brings you to the Link tab in the Inspector
  • When you drag an image over shapes set to “Image Fill” or “Slide Show” you will see an indicator that you can drop the images on them
  • Shapes set to “Slide Show Fill” accept image files being dropped on them
  • You can now click the pagination button within the Slide Show object to switch between slides
  • “Follow Link’ option when right clicking works for links set to “next” and “previous”


  • Fixed a bug with right or center aligned text in a text object “jumping” when trying to edit it
  • Fixed object shadow code on European versions of macOS
  • You can no longer link a navigation bar object (since the pages within it are automatically linked)
  • Slide Show Fill left arrow button works properly when clicked tp bring you to the previous slide
  • Fixed a potential crash with the RSS Feed Widget
  • Fixed scrollbar issue in Inspector
  • Simple Contact Form default height is larger now and it has a label at the top of Inspector -> Widget Settings
  • Fixed crash when copying and pasting certain text into EverWeb’s Design Canvas
  • Fixed the default text changing in the Text Section widget when making an change from the inspector
  • Fixed a few rare crashes with undo and adding new pages


  • The Section labels that appear when dragging objects around will disappear after 2 seconds automatically and will show up less frequently
  • Inspector-> Parallax scrolling option is now on the Image Fill tab since it only works with this options

EverWeb Mac破解软件历史版

版本 下载 密码
3.9.5(2782) 立即下载 agtm
3.9.1(2748) 立即下载 agtm
3.8.1(2693) 立即下载 agtm
3.8.0(2691) 立即下载 agtm
3.7.1(2646) 立即下载 agtm