Default Folder X Mac破解版 老牌Finder增强软件 v6.0b5(9871)


Default Folder X Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款文件夹快捷访问工具,您可以访问您最近的,最喜欢的,并打开文件夹的默认文件夹X的工具栏右侧的内容。扩大你把鼠标移到他们的层次弹出菜单,让您浏览您的文件夹,以获取您的文件。为了加快工作速度,您可以为您最喜爱的文件夹中的所有键盘快捷键分配。如果打开和保存对话框没有打开,那么您可以使用默认文件夹X的菜单栏、Dock图标,或键盘快捷键。

Default Folder X Mac破解软件功能介绍

优乐事分享的Default Folder X for Mac破解版在任何OS X-native应用程序中的“打开”和“保存”对话框的右侧附加工具栏。工具栏可以快速访问各种文件夹和命令。您只需点击按钮即可转到您最喜爱的和最近使用的文件夹,管理列表中显示的文件夹和文件,并更改您的设置。它还解决了打开和保存对话框中的一些问题,“反弹”到最后一个选定的文件,将路径列表放回顶部菜单,并纠正滚动列视图中的错误。

Default Folder X Mac破解软件功能特色

目录助手:您可以直接从Default Folder X破解版的工具栏访问你最近的,最喜欢的内容,并打开文件夹。
实时保存:如果您经常保存在同一文件夹里面的东西,Default Folder X可以记住该文件夹为您服务。
查找管理:Default Folder X破解版允许您打开或保存任何Finder窗口,只需一次点击。
即时回放:为了帮助您快速返回到您最近使用的文件夹,Default Folder X会记住它们。
聚焦现货:Default Folder X破解版允许您添加关键字,OpenMeta标签和Finder标签就在现场,当你仍然在保存对话框。
信息中心:使用Default Folder X破解版,让每一个打开对话框下面的预览,扩大以填充可用空间。
没有工作的工作流程:不是让您学习和建立一个新的应用程序,Default Folder X破解版完全融入OS X。


Version 6.0:

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The default Open and Save dialogs included by default in macOS don’t have too many customization options. Default Folder X is a small utility that can help you personalize the entire experience by adding new locations, Spotlight tags, comments, and many more options.
Access favorite folders from the status bar and create your own folders lists
The Default Folder X status bar menu offers you the possibility to navigate to your default, favorite, and recent folders. At the same time, the menu also allows you to view all opened Finder windows and bring any of them forward.
The Default Folder X preferences can be adjusted via a Preferences Pane that will be added to your Systems Preferences. Here you can add specific directories to be used by default with certain applications. Furthermore, you can create your own Favorite Folders list.
Open and Save toolbar
If Default Folder X is running, each time you want to save or open a file in an macOS native  utility, the application will add a toolbar that provides all these options in a more easily accessible manner.
To navigate between the different menus, simply put your mouse on top of them. However, you can also make use of the keyboard shortcuts assigned by default to frequently used functions.
Integrated Spotlight and QuickLook options
To make sure that you can always find your files as fast as possible, Default Folder X enables you to add Spotlight keywords, tags, comments, or labels within the Save dialog.
On the other hand, when you are opening files, Default Folder X allows you to preview the documents in a thumbnail and even zoom to full size.
Intuitive solution for customizing the default Save and Open dialog
Default Folder X is proposing simple solutions for personalizing your experience when opening or saving files. The app is focused on efficiency and will certainly improve your workflow.


“M1|2芯片”若无法打开Default Folder X Mac破解版,请按此教程设置:Apple Silicon M1 应用安装后运行闪退、打不开、破解失效,点我直达!

若以上设置还不能打开软件“Default Folder X”,并提示【“XXX”已损坏,无法打开。您应该将它移到废纸篓。】 ,那就来电猛料,按下面的操作设置:

sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Default\ Folder\ 


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