康考迪亚:数字版Concordia: Digital Edition Mac破解版 战略棋盘游戏 v1.3.2(


康考迪亚:数字版Concordia: Digital Edition Mac破解版游戏由优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款策略战棋类游戏,改编自同名桌游,一直位列于桌游排名前20。游侠网分享康考迪亚:数字下载,游戏中你需要提前计划,每一个转折点都要做出关键决定。时刻做好权衡的准备,您的行动对其他玩家和您自己都有很大的好处。

康考迪亚:数字版Concordia: Digital Edition for Mac破解版游戏背景

康考迪亚是一款规则简单易学的游戏,但掌握它可能需要一辈子时间!随着推出更多地图和扩展(均出自官方),“康考迪亚: 数字版”的可玩性几乎是无限的。在PC、iOS、Android和任天堂Switch上与AI对抗或在热座模式下挑战朋友,或在线跨平台多人游戏。真实的棋盘游戏体验,加上直观的用户界面,绝对是玩家收藏必备!

康考迪亚:数字版Concordia: Digital Edition for Mac破解版游戏特色

  • 打造你的贸易帝国
  • 进行商品贸易,并向不同城市扩张
  • 管理你的殖民者、存储空间和行动卡
  • 尝试各种不同的地图
  • 使用扩展模块定制你的游戏
  • 成为古罗马最伟大的商人!
  • 学易,成为高手难
  • 高战略纵深。做好权衡准备!
  • 康考迪亚官方规则咨询过游戏设计者
  • 与AI、朋友或两者对抗 – 无论是单人还是多人游戏,体验都很棒
  • 所有官方扩展都会发布
  • 借助数字平台提供独特的棋盘游戏体验



Concordia: Digital Edition is an improved edition that fully conveys the gameplay mechanics of the original tabletop version of the game. You are about to immerse yourself in the world of strategic board games, taking you to the setting of ancient Rome. The user will have to control one of the states in order to seize complete power on the map and get maximum victory points.
When plunging into the world of Concordia: Digital Edition, you need to wisely plan your decisions and create combining interactions in order to get a profitable result from your move. Players can build on vacant plots and trade goods, expand cities and manage colonists who help increase areas. Meeples travel on land or water in ships, gaining the ability to capture regions and become upset over them. The opponent cannot place buildings in occupied locations, so you have to carefully occupy free cells, trying to cut off and deprive your opponent of favorable conditions.
The events taking place are implemented in a step-by-step tactical simulator of a trading empire, where you need to think through and adjust economic factors. By developing and capturing new territories with buildings, players will have additional supplies of resources to improve or purchase new objects. You have to move around the map and form strong trade routes that allow you to earn money.
When studying the mechanics and components of the game, you have to take into account a large number of factors and strategies that can be implemented during the gaming session. Each move can create trouble for both the enemy and the user himself. Resources are in critically small quantities, so you need to approach their distribution wisely. By holding your positions and receiving a balanced income, you can increase your chances of success in the game.

Concordia: Digital Edition Mac破解游戏历史版

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