Commander One Mac破解版 双窗口资源管理器 v3.7.3831


Commander One Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac Os系统上一款非常好用双窗口资源管理器,它拥有强大的搜索,可以显示隐藏文件,无限标签,支持Root访问,内置进程管理器,而 Commander One Pro 在Commander One的基础上增加了Ftp管理、可以挂载iOS设备、挂载Android设备、Amazon S3连接、Google Drive连接、挂载MTP设备、终端模拟器、支持 WebDav 协议、可挂载 Dropbox/坚果云等支持WebDav协议的网盘为本地磁盘、OneDrive连接、压缩与解压缩、Commander One主题设置、OpenStack连接、Backblaze B2连接、Box cloud连接等功能。功能非常强大!

Commander One Mac破解软件功能介绍

优乐事分享的Commander One for Mac破解版是基于Swift的OS X双窗格文件管理器,它允许您以最佳方式管理文件。它允许您查看Mac上的所有隐藏文件,您可以在移动文件或文件夹时更改其名称,使用本地和网络驱动器。

Commander One Mac破解软件功能特色

Commander One破解版的界面允许您打开无限数量的选项卡,支持任何文件类型,可以为任何操作设置您自己的热键,以及更多。
Commander One Mac破解版可能是复制,移动,删除文件等的最快方式。
凭借其优化的机制,Commander One破解版可帮助您节省时间和磁盘空间。
使用内置FTP管理器,您可以通过FTP,SFTP或FTPS轻松连接到远程服务器。通过两个面板而不是一个面板,Commander One可以提高效率和速度,并且可以整齐地组织您的文件操作。
Commander One将在最近的将来支持第三方开发商提供附加功能的插件。
Commander One破解版可根据您的个人喜好进行个性化设置,具有无限的颜色选择。


Version 3.7:

  • Improved: work with MTP devices.
  • Improved: options in the dialog upon overwriting a folder.
  • Fixed: crash when downloading files from OpenStack Swift.
  • Fixed: crash when downloading zero-size files from Backblaze.
  • Fixed: an error when connecting to Backblaze with Application Keys.
  • Fixed: an error when connecting to SFTP using public key authentication.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.



Commander One is a free file manager created in Swift, has a dual-pane interface that helps you handle your files in the most efficient way. Besides being easy-to-use, the app is rather fast and powerful that offers necessary features for seamless and full control over your files and folders.
Dual-pane view:
• Classical dual-panel appearance that can be adjusted according to your taste (color theme, fonts);
• Support for the Dark Mode to be in tune with the times (available starting from 10.14 only);
• Multiple tabs for browsing as many folders as needed;
• Support for three view modes, namely Full, Brief, and Thumbs for convenient work with different types of files.
Slick navigation and display:
• Hidden files are revealed with one click;
• Support for file operations queuing including already in progress;
• Support for drag and drop functionality;
• Rename files and folders while moving.
Different search methods:
• Built-in search with support for Regex;
• Search by file contents;
• Spotlight search.
Commander One can offer more useful features that can simplify your work routine:
• Configure hotkeys for most frequently used operations;
• Brief mode to view and handle many files simultaneously;
• Process viewer;
• Support for Finder Tags;
• Archive and unarchive files and open ZIP as regular folders;
• Work with .ipa, .apk, .jar, .ear, .war files as with regular folders;
• Preview all types of files, including Hex and Binary, before opening them;
• Detect over the network and conveniently list computers that use NetBIOS protocol;
• Seamlessly obtain access to the folders that are open or you use the most through History and Favorites;
• Select the program to open the file using ‘Open with’ in the main menu – File or via the context menu;
• Choose UI language.
*PRO version of Commander One is available via in-app purchase*
Additional features available in Commander One Pro
• Built-in FTP, SFTP, FTPS Manager including the possibility to set up file permissions via these protocols
• 7zip support with compressing, extracting, full access, and search
• Support for RAR format with extracting, full access, and search
• Support for TarGz with compressing, extracting, search, and full access
• Custom themes to make an individual appearance
• Connect MTP devices, access and work with files easily
• Map Dropbox and Dropbox Business accounts as a drive for comfortable access
• Ability to share Dropbox links with ease
• Mount as many Google Drive accounts as required and deal with your files and folders, including “Shared with me” folder, without copying data on your Mac
• Map unlimited number of WebDAV connections and access your online files
• Mount and handle files in Amazon S3 storage and S3-compatible storages
• Connect and manage your files stored on
• Manage online files stored on Microsoft OneDrive accounts as if they are stored on your Mac
• Map and deal with files in Backblaze B2
• Access pCloud accounts with one click
• Map Mega cloud service and manage files stored there
• Mount OpenStack SWIFT to get flawless access to your online files
• Protect your files with encryption on all online connections

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