Blocs 4 Mac Web前端开发软件破解版 v4.5.4


Blocs 4 Mac软件破解优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款快速,易于使用,功能强大的可视化Web前端开发软件,Blocs mac破解版可让您创建美观,现代的网站,而无需编写代码。精心设计,Blocs破解版可容纳完整的初学者或熟悉网页设计的人。

Blocs 4 for Mac软件破解功能介绍

Blocs for mac是一款在Mac上的代码编辑器,这款软件小巧便捷,即使你不了解或不会编写代码,Blocs也能帮助你快速上手,为你带来全新的方法来构建现代化、高质量的静态网站,Blocs for mac使用起来非常的方便简单。

Blocs 4 for Mac软件破解功能特色


Version 4.5.3:
New & Improved

  • Updated Bootstrap 5 Framework to V5.2.0.
  • Updated Bootstrap 4 Framework to V4.6.2.


  • Fixed various issues with css shadow UI showing wrong values.
  • Fixed various issues with in app design mode not reflecting exported mode.
  • Fixed issue that caused preview in browser labels to disappear in full screen mode.
  • Fixed various issues with switching to fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed window fullscreen cropping issue on new MBP with notch.
  • Fixed issue that caused embed asset by default to display a false positive if option is disabled in main prefs.
  • Fixed issue that prevented dragging device and Div Brics on the design canvas.
  • Fixed issue that caused Bloc backgrounds to disappear when previewing and exporting.
  • Fixed issue that caused dots to be added to classes that don’t require them when adding pseudo classes.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when colour picker is open on MacOS Ventura.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when clicking edge of preview in browser menu.
  • Fixed issue that prevented new doc window showing in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs store products in Bric Bar to not show correct info if Bric purchase URL is used on another Bric.
  • Fixed issue that caused Project Settings to crash if project uses VOLT CMS and it is not installed.
  • Fixed issue that prevented right click working on preview button when a sub window is open