Be Focused Pro Mac破解版 任务时间管理软件 v2.3.2


Be Focused Pro Mac破解版软件优乐事分享的Mac os系统上一款出色的任务时间管理软件,通过在不连续的间隔中分解单个任务来完成工作,由短暂的休息分隔。帮助您按照每天,每周或自定义时间创建任务,计划休息时间并追踪您的进度。

Be Focused Pro Mac破解软件功能介绍

优乐事分享的Be Focused Pro for Mac破解版保持动力和专注的一种令人惊讶的有效方式。创建任务,配置休息时间并跟踪您在一天,一周或自定义时段内的进度,使用iPhone,iPad或Mac让您的设备始终保持同步。

Be Focused Pro Mac破解软件功能特色

• 管理您的任务
• 按照每天、每周或自定义时间追踪您的进度
• 快速简单的目标追踪
• 自定义以最大化效率:
• 工作间隔时间
• 短时休息持续时间
• 长时休息持续时间
• 两次长间隔之间的间隔数
• 每天的目标间隔数
• 能够开始、暂停或跳过工作间隔
• 自动启动下一个计时器(可选)
• 能够编辑间隔数
• 导出到CSV文件
• 具有从其他应用程序粘贴任务列表的功能
• 全球热键
• 滴答声可选
• 自定义提示声音
• 在启动选项启动
• 在iPad、iPhone和Mac完全同步
• 也可用于iPhone和iPad


Version 2.3.2:

  • Improved synchronization
  • Added option to toggle sound on shortcut activation
  • Minor fixes and improvements



Are you wondering how not to forget about everything you need? Looking for an elegant and intuitive way to remember to do things and actually get things done? Try Be Focused, a powerful scheduler that will help you get rid of clutter. This task tracking app will make your daily work easier and help you identify your core values. It can be used for various purposes. Define scope of work, create tasks, and track progress. Break big goals into smaller steps so they don’t feel overwhelming. Use a timer to set regular breaks and periods of intense focus for optimal productivity. Now it’s easy and fun!
Key features of Be Focused
Clear and efficient task manager
Easily manage your current task list. Create new ideas and write them down so you don’t forget what matters. Organize the things that are important to you and give them a structured and organized look. Finish everything on time and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction with completed tasks.
Organized flexible timer for focusing
Set a time for work and concentrate on it without distractions. Determine the number of breaks between tasks and their duration. Another nice thing is that unlike similar basic to-do list apps, it helps you start, pause, or skip a work interval.
Your personal goal tracker
Achieve your annual goals in quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily activities. Your affairs will be resolved resourcefully, expediently and easily. Schedule tasks and they will appear on your to-do list. Stimulate your creativity and expand your possibilities. Become a person of action, and don’t just consider yourself one.
Tailored to your basic needs
Customize this useful goal tracker the way you want to organize your daily activities the way you prefer. Adjust the intervals, outline the number of intervals per day. Catch yourself thinking that you are getting used to productivity, and it will very quickly turn into a habit.
Works brilliantly on all devices
Use this useful time tracking app anytime, anywhere. Create tasks on your Mac, edit them while you eat out on your iPhone, and check your progress from the comfort of your home on your iPad.
Generate CSV files in seconds
Create and manage tasks quickly and efficiently. Easily export the necessary data to CSV files for greater process flexibility or for any freelance or statistical tasks. Always be on track to achieve your carefully planned goals.