Araxis Merge Mac 文件对比合并同步工具破解版 v2022.5786


Araxis Merge Mac软件破解版由优乐事搜集到的Mac os系统上一款由Araxis公司开发出品的可视化文件对比合并同步工具。该软件能用来比较和归并资源代码,网页,XML和具有本地应用程序性能的其它文本文档,能够方便的被软件工程师和 web 站点开发者使用快速精确地比较、了解和联合不同版本的源文件,方便进行版本和质量控制,创建HTML或XML报告。
Araxis Merge是一个可视化的文件比较、合并和同步的软件,能够方便的被软件工程师和WEB站点开发者使用快速精确地比较、了解和联合不同版本的源文件;

Araxis Merge for Mac软件破解功能特色

– 合并使您能够比较和使用不同版本的文本文件,如程序源代码,XML和HTML文件。合并可以提取并比较Microsoft Office,OpenDocument,PDF和RTF文件中的文本。可以使用特殊格式显示XML文件,从而帮助您更清楚地查看更改。它支持ASCII,MBCS和Unicode字符编码的文件。
– 合并显示行内变化的详细亮点。它可以配置为忽略空格和行尾的差异,以及匹配指定正则表达式的行的更改。后者对于忽略不重要的更改(如时间戳或扩展版本控制关键字)很有用。
– 通过颜色编码的并排比较,可以轻松找出文件之间的相似点和差异。链接线之间的文档清楚地显示了它们是如何相关的。
– 点击合并可以通过点击按钮来选择要添加到最终合并版本的每个文件的部分。无限制撤销的就地编辑器可在创建时对合并的文件进行完全控制。文本比较显示随着合并进度而动态更新。无限制撤销的就地编辑器可在创建时对合并的文件进行完全控制。文本比较显示随着合并进度而动态更新。无限制撤销的就地编辑器可在创建时对合并的文件进行完全控制。文本比较显示随着合并进度而动态更新。
– 从Microsoft Office,OpenDocument,PDF和RTF文件中提取和比较文本内容。从其他应用程序复制文本并直接粘贴到文本比较中。(请注意,文本比较中不会显示办公文档布局和格式。)
– 合并不仅仅是比较文本文件。使用图像比较来比较许多不同类型的图像文件,并立即查看哪些像素已被修改。二进制比较使您能够识别字节级数据文件的差异。
– Merge Professional将高级三维可视化文件比较与合并添加到标准版的双向可视化文件比较和合并中。当多个人在同一组文件上工作时,这是特别有用的。
– 自动合并可实现即使是最大文件的快速协调。可以通过三向文件夹比较直接启动三向文件比较,从而实现源代码整个分支的高效整合。
– 合并支持文件夹层次结构比较和同步,使您能够比较和合并整个目录树。这是检测不同版本的源代码或网页的更改的理想选择。您甚至可以使用高效的逐字节比较选项来验证可刻录CD或USB手写笔的内容。
– 支持多种归档格式(.zip,.tar等),合并可以比较档案,就像它们是文件夹一样。将归档的内容与文件夹进行比较以验证其内容,或者查看自创建归档以来哪些文件已更改。
– 专业版的Merge支持三向文件夹比较(具有自动合并功能),使文件夹层次结构的两个修订版与其共同的祖先或其他文件夹层次结构合并。当与源代码控制或软件配置管理系统结合使用时,这可能特别有用。

Version 2022.5786:
This release provides a number of visual and usability enhancements; it also fixes various problems. Please read the release notes for a complete list of changes.

This is the current production-quality release and is recommended for all users.

This release is free-of-charge for all customers with upgrade/support entitlement covering the build date indicated in the download box below, including everyone who purchased Merge within the year prior to that date.
System requirements
This release is tested and supported on the following platforms:

  • macOS 13 Ventura Beta 7† (Intel and Apple silicon)
  • macOS 12.6 Monterey (Intel and Apple silicon)
  • macOS 11.7 Big Sur (Intel and Apple silicon)
  • macOS 10.15.7 Catalina

† This release has been tested on macOS 13 Ventura Beta 7 and appears to be fully operational. However, Araxis provides no assurances with respect to Merge on macOS 13 Ventura until Araxis has been able to test the production-quality public release of that operating system.

  • For long documents, the scroll bar thumb now has a dark inner component that indicates the portion of the document that is currently visible. The positioning of this inner thumb relative to the overview strips is particularly useful for seeing which changes are presently visible. #4617
  • Previous change  and Next change  buttons have been added to folder comparison scroll bars. #6437
  • A new Use ‘Unchanged’ font for all text checkbox on the Fonts/Colours preference page makes it easy to change the font used for all comparison text in one go, rather than having to change the Unchanged, Inserted, Removed, and Changed fonts separately. #6458
  • Reset buttons have been added to the header and footer fields on the file comparison printing and folder comparison printing preference pages. These buttons restore the header and footers to their defaults. #6269
  • New tokens are available on the file comparison printing and folder comparison printing preference pages. These insert the unqualified names of the files/folders in the headers and footers of printed comparisons. #6269
  • A new Open new tabs on the right (rather than left) setting to configure the position of new comparisons in the tab strip has been added to the General preference page. #6530
  • The layout and appearance of various confirmation dialogs has been improved. #6456
  • By default on fresh installations of Merge (and after preferences have been reset), PDFs are now compared using text comparisons rather than image comparisons as before. To change this behaviour, see the relevant frequently asked question. #6457
  • The message that appears when copying over a currently open file in a split-view folder comparison has been improved. #6481
  • The order of items on the Method preference page now matches that of Merge for Windows. #6526
  • Status bar text now uses the System font rather than the Menu font. #6452
  • The subset of the OpenJDK Java Runtime Environment bundled with Merge has been upgraded to the Adoptium Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK Temurin-17.0.4+8. #6434#6575

Defects fixed

  • Clicking on a vertical scroll bar now navigates accurately to the correct portion of the comparison. #6584
  • Folder comparisons no longer unnecessarily lose their selections when preferences are changed. #6583
  • On macOS Ventura, clicking on the message text in various confirmation dialogs no longer results in the text repositioning itself. #6550
  • Merge no longer crashes when stepping quickly through a folder comparison. #6577
  • It is no longer possible to position the text cursor over a merging button. #6504
  • The scroll position no longer unexpectedly jumps when two-finger scrolling a text comparison pane that has long, wrapped lines. #6502
  • The horizontal scroll position of differently sized panes in an image comparison is now properly synchronized when horizontally scrolling. #6318
  • In folder comparisons, clicking the Select Rows  button no longer expands all the items in the comparison. #6519
  • The state of the Preferences ▸Show Line-Detail Panel menu item is now properly updated when switching between comparisons. #6554
  • The registration dialog now strictly enforces the number and position of colon characters in serial numbers. #6407